FAQs transfer-tr-dck

Frequently Asked Questions (Transfer - T&R (DHAC))

Yes, both (seller/donor and buyer/ done) valid membership is required before the submission of Transfer / Hiba documents.

Buyer presence is not mandatory but any if desires then there is no objection by DHAC Designated officer.

DHAC do not transfer / hiba any property without presence of owner. No GPA is accepted in DHAC Karachi for transfer of property. However in case of any reason member is unable to visit in DHA City Karachi office, member can request to carry out sign before formalities at their home/location with additional fees/expenses which will born by Owner of property.

As per DHAC procedure “WILL” not accepted in DHAC. In the life time the owner he/she can transfer/hiba his property to any DHA City member but after his/her demise the property will be transfer to his/her legal heirs as per sharia LAW/ Court order.

Property /Plot cannot be transferred without presence of owner because biometric authentication / seller sign before is mandatory in front of DHAC designated officer for transfer of plot and updation of DHA City record.

Sign before procedure is the formalities of signing the transfer documents in front of designated officer of DHAC.

Change of ownership from seller to buyer is called transfer of plot.