Facilities Medical Center Facilities

Medical Center Facilities


Services Offered

  • Consultant Clinics of various specialties
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • OPD – 0900 – 2000hrs (Mon – Fri)
  • Dental Clinic (By Appointment)
  • ECG
  • Nebulization
  • Immunization of Children through WHO
  • X-Ray & Ultrasound (Advance Lab)
  • SindLab Collection Point
  • Pharmacy
  • Minor Procedures under local anesthesia
  • Ambulance Service for transfer of patients in emergency
  • Ward facility for rehydration, observation etc.


DHAC Medical Officers


DHAC Dental Clinic 

DHAC Dental Officer doing all the procedures on latest dental unit with sterilization through electronic autoclave. Root canal, Crown, extraction and other procedures done

DHAC Clinics (Private Consultants)

Renowned Consultants / Specialists of diverse fields like Surgery, Dermatology, ENT, Medical, Dental, Physio, Hijama, Nutritionist etc

Consultants List

Contacts  : 35344201, 35344202 & 35344208


Diagnostic Lab (Out Sourced)


Providing all the investigations with authentic results.

Contact  : 021-35345199


Hi-Tech Ambulances

24/7 Ambulance Services equipped with Monitors, Oxygen facility etc for DHAC employees & residents.


X-Ray & Ultrasound (Out Sourced)

M/s Advance Lab

Advanced Radiology with Digital X-Rays, Modern Ultrasound Machine and Qualified Sonologist.

Contact: 021-35846690

Services Offered

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound/ Doppler
  • Echo
  • ECG
  • Audiometry


Procedure Room

Minor procedures under local anesthesia (Dressings, Suturing etc.)


Services in Ward

IV Drips, I/M, I/V Injections etc