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About Horticulture

DHAC is primarily a housing society whose primary aim is to provide a quality housing with all amenities that includes clean and green environment, whose primary aim is to establish parks and lawns with beautiful landscape for the residents of DHAC. Besides parks, few beautification spots were also developed like Gizri Hill and Momin Rockery. Initially the parks developed under the directorate (Rahat and Hilal) were handed over to CBC for its maintenance and care. Later Nisar Shaheed, A K Khan, Khalid Shaheed, Farhan Shaheed and Phase VII Ext parks were developed and maintained by the directorate

Besides developing parks and lawns, Horticulture directorate is responsible to provide green cover to the environment by planting shady and native indigenous fruit plants around the vicinity of DHAC. To develop these plants and trees, a comprehensive mother nursery was established where trees were produced using seeds and cuttings under controlled environment and humidity. These plants add not only the beauty to the surrounding but sooths the eyes along with providing habitats to the birds and shades and shelter to humans and animals, thereby enhancing natural aura of the environment. DHAC Horticulture Directorate regularly participates in Annual Flower Show organized by Horticulture Society of Pakistan. DHAC being the main contestant of the show exhibits in perennials and seasonal plants and win many prizes based on parks, beautification spots and official residences.

Horticulture Directorate has its mother nursery and one sale point where all plants prepared through conventional and modern methods are being sold at a discounted price for the residents of DHAC. This directorate play an important and pivotal role not only in conserving resources by reducing carbon foot prints by planting indigenous shady and fruit plants but it also provides treated waste water among the residents for their lawns which naturally reduces the application of artificial fertilizers and wastage of potable water.

Horticulture Directorate has also established and managing a state of the art Tissue Culture and Research Lab where the process of plants growth, survival from diseases and related researches are being done regularly.