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Categories & Eligibility

  • Temporary/ Regular Cat A
  • Official Membership for DHA Officers
  • Corporate
  • Temporary/ Regular Cat B
  • Diplomat
  • Every candidate for selection of Temporary Membership shall be proposed and seconded by a member on the application form. A member may propose two and second two candidates in a calendar year.
  • For Special Membership, the applications are required to be countersigned by the respective Consulate/ embassy. The committee may dispense with this on its discretion.
  • Application forms received shall be scrutinized in the Club Office from time to time, and after sifting, shall be put to the committee in its meeting held for this purpose. Those applicants under selection, who without any information, fail to appear before the committee after three invitations, shall be considered ineligible for any future consideration for selection. This condition may be waived off by the Committee on case to case basis.
  • The proposer and seconder shall however, be responsible, jointly and severally, for the dues of the candidate in case of default, for a period of two years after his/ her selection.
  • The proposer and seconder will be required to introduce the applicant to the members of the Committee in a manner so prescribed by the Committee. However, the Committee may, at its discretion, exempt proposer and or seconder, from introduction to the committee or any other condition at its discretion.
  • The result of the committee meeting will be communicated to all applicants.
  • The amount of entrance fee and security deposited by an applicant, who fails to get selected, will be refunded in full.

Absentee Membership

Rules regarding absentee membership are as follows:

  • Minimum period of absentee is 6 months.
  • Maximum period of absentee is 5 years.
  • Any previous arrears/ dues should be cleared in FULL.
  • Members/ Households cards are to be deposited in the club.
  • If the member is also a member of another club of the Defence Authority, he/ she and his/ her households cannot use the facilities of that club also, during the absentee period.
  • If prior to completion of six months period the club facilities are used, then for the entire period full subscription would be charged.

Fee Structure

S. No. Member Type Entrance Fee (Rs) Security Deposit (Rs) Monthly Subscriptions (Rs)
1 Member Cat ‘B’ 500,000 45,000 2400
2 DHA Official 12,000 3,000 550
3 Gratis Member Cat ‘A’ 50,000 45,000 1450
4 Gratis Member Cat ‘B’ 50,000 45,000 1450
5 Corporate Members 600,000 45,000 2400
6 Diplomatic Members $800 $500 $100
7 House Hold (Over 12 Years) 450
8 House Hold (Under 12 Years) 350

Membership Form

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