About Us Administrator’s Message

Administrator’s Message

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to interact with the residents and stake holders of Defence Housing Authority City Karachi (DHAC) through the medium of DHAC Official Website and to extend my best wishes to them.
DHAC Karachi has come a long way in emerging as the largest, most prestigious, sustainable residential estate in the country that offers a fine blend of quality and modern living experience. The DHAC enjoys the unique reputation of providing the best educational, recreational, and cultural facilities to its residents in an aesthetically dynamic environment. I, as the new Administrator of DHAC Karachi would like to reassure the residents that DHAC will spare no efforts unturned to bring further tangible improvements in all the spheres of the Housing Authority.
I take this opportunity to reiterate that the committed team of DHAC energized with a reinvigorated vision will carry on with sustained and dedicated efforts to further improve the living environments. DHAC officers and staff imbued with professional exuberance will focus all their energies towards attaining higher housing and residential standards in the Housing Authority to maintain its role as the trendsetter in the country.
Comfort and convenience of residents will always remain the top priority of DHAC which is mindful of the need to provide the best housing and residential facilities to its residents in a secure, safe and enabling environment. DHAC management will continue with its incessant efforts to meet the future challenges successfully, to bring further quality to all its undertakings and to ensure a resident responsive management.
Finally, I wish DHAC residents and members of DHAC all the best for a happy and prosperous future. May Allah Almighty be with you, Aameen.