Vigilance & Services Mission & Roles

Mission & Roles


Enforce and uphold DHAC Bye-Laws and ensure security of DHAC Assets.


Primary Role

Implementation of DHAC Bye-laws

  • Monitor/ report violations of building Bye-laws.
  • Provision of security cover for the execution of demolitions by DHAC Town Planning & Building Control Directorate.
  • Assist DHAC Directorates/ Branches in implementation of DHAC instructions.
  • Monitor commercial/ marketing activity and guard against unapproved actions.
  • Check/ stop saline water de-watering into open plots, sewerage system and Storm Water Drains.
  • Ensure that no unapproved permanent/ temporary occupancy of open plots takes place.

Security of DHAC Assets

  • Planning and execution of security plans in coordination with the user.
  • Provision of mobile/ Motor Cycle patrols to DHAC owned/ run Education Institutions/ Clubs/ Mosques on special occasions.
  • Deployment of additional manpower/ equipment during important events.

Manning / Management DHAC Helpline (#1092)

  • Establish DHAC Security & Vigilance Control Room (with DHAC helpline) and ensure its functionality round the clock.
  • Registration of complaints, initiating prompt response(s) or relaying requirement(s) to concerned agencies.
Secondary Role

Assist Law Enforcement Agencies in Maintenance of Law & Order

  • Conduct area patrolling, round the clock.
  • Conduct Snap checking.
  • Monitor suspicious activities especially garbage collectors, beggars and free-lance loiterers etc.
  • Provision of guidance/ sharing of information.
  • Implementation of federal/ provincial government’s instructions.
  • Traffic control during rush hours and at DHAC Clubs/ Education Institutions.
  • Clearance of routes and removal of unattended or wrongly parked vehicles.
  • Conduct of checks against over speeding and showmanship.
  • Covering accidents by facilitating evacuation of casualties to nearest hospital and clearing of site to ensure traffic flow.

CCTV Surveillance

  • Monitoring of DHAC CCTV cameras.
  • Provision of CCTV clips to Law Enforcement Agencies, if approved.
  • CCTV coverage of important events organized at any venue in DHAC.

Assist CBC/ Concerned Agencies in Municipal Functions

  • Monitor following civic services and inform concerned agencies: –
    • Water/ gas leakages.
    • Electricity issues (including hanging wires/ cables).
    • Sewerage overflow on public space and missing manhole covers.
    • Functionality of street lights and traffic signals.
    • Debris/ garbage clearance.
    • Rd cuts/ portion demanding repairs.
    • Low hanging wires/ cables obstructing vehicular/ pedestrian movement.
  • Report any object or material considered hazardous to public.
  • Conduct of anti-encroachment operations to include illegal tents/ containers/ generators.
  • Firefighting
  • Manage Seaview Information & Rescue Centre.
  • Removal of push carts.
  • Conduct of anti-beggary operations.
  • Improvement of Traffic flow.

Conduct Monsoon Management

  • Ensure activation of DHAC Monsoon Management Scheme.
  • Monitor weather forecast and render early warning to DHAC through Marketing Directorate.
  • Monitor water effected areas and conduct rescue & relief operations.
  • Plan & execute traffic diversions.
  • Coordinate dewatering by CBC and DHAC Development Directorate.
  • Submission of scheduled reports and furnish details as and when required.


  • Conduct prompt firefighting within DHAC.
  • Participate in firefighting outside DHAC, if required/ approved.