Procedures & Bylaws Deviation Approval / Permission – DHAC

Deviation Approval / Permission – DHAC


If owner wants to deviate from the approved building plan during the construction of the building then he must have to take deviations approval else he is penalized.


  • Application is submitted at Administration Directorate at DHAC along with the required documents.
  • Application is forwarded to TP&BC Dte at DHAC.
  • TP&BC Dte conducts the site survey as well as do scrutiny of the case.
  • No objections are found during site survey.
  • Minute sheet is initiated.
  • Forwarded to Additional Director (BP) for approval.
  • In case of residential property simply permission is issued.
  • commercial properties penalty is issued after approval from AD (BP). Permission is issued after payment of penalty.
  • Case is closed.