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Purchase & Procurement

Suppliers / Firms Enlistment Procedure

  • Suppliers / Firms apply for enlistment in DHA City Karachi on copy letter head with photocopy of CNIC latest PEC, NTN Cert and RS 500/ Pay Order in the Name of DHA City Karachi.
  • Design & Contract Directorate will issue enlistment form to Supplier / Firm.
  • Supplier / Firm will deposit back enlistment from with all connected documents as mentioned form.
  • Design & Contract Dte check thoroughly Supplier’s / Firm’s documents and also forwarded Supplier’s / Firm’s work orders and letters to connected departments for verification.
  • After received verification letters. Design & Contract will evaluate the enlistment documents and give marks as per procedure in vogue, If Supplier / Firm obtain passing marks, then forwarded a letter to concerned Supplier / Firm for depositing of enlistment fee as per Category.
  • Supplier / Firm will deposit enlistment fee through pay order in the name of DHA City Karachi.
  • After receiving Pay Order Design & Contract Dte will deposit the same to Finance Directorate.
  • Finance Directorate will forwarded the Pay order to bank authorized for crediting in DHAC account.
  • After Crediting, Finance Directorate will forward Receipt of Pay Order to Design & Contract Directorate.
  • Design & Contract will issue enlistment letter to Supplier / Firm along with pay order Slip.
List of Enlisted Suppliers / Firms