Educational Institutions DHACSS Phase-IV Campus

DHACSS Phase-IV Campus

DHACSS Phase-IV Campus has seen tremendous growth and success over a period of 40 years.  Today, the school offers quality education at the pre primary, primary and secondary levels.  It accommodates over 2500 students and 170 Teaching and Non Teaching support staff.  Academic Excellence has become the trade mark of this institution.

The outstanding results of our students in the Board Examinations won us the most coveted award of being “The Best School of Karachi” in 2015.

The students are given a chance to excel in academic and co-curricular fields through various activities and competitions.  The students of this school offer tough competition to their opponents at the city, national and international levels.  From the innocence of the toddler year to the stirring of wisdom in youth, as each of our students leave the portals of the school, our aim is to mould the impressionable mind into a fully responsible citizen.  These enlightened students are enriched with our ideology and culture ready to serve the community and meet the challenges of the outside world.