Educational Institutions DHACSS Creek Campus

DHACSS Creek Campus

DHACSS Creek Campus (DA Public School O’ & A’ Levels) has launched its educational programme in line with the maxim, “seek Knowledge and Serve”. The school established in 1997, stands unique among the educational institutions of Karachi.  The most important reason for the stability and continuity of its policies is the fact that it has the backing of the Defence Authority.  The master plan under which the school has been constructed embodies the basic principles of providing ‘A’ class infra structure and to create an ambience which is the hallmark of all great seats of learning. The DHACSS system of meticulously recruiting and training its teaching staff is aimed at enriching human capital and to invest in the provision of all other top class amenities.  This goes a long way in providing high caliber education to its pupils and prepares them to face the challenges of the 21st century armed with knowledge, wisdom, strength of character, strong social and religious values and the commitment to make their mark in the history of time.