CPLC Contacts

CPLC Contacts

Central Reporting Cell (CRC)

Address Sindh Governor’s Secretariat Karachi
UAN 111 222 345
Helpline 136
Phone +92 (21) 568 3333
Fax  +92 (21) 5683336
Email info@cplc.org.pk

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Zonal Offices

CPLC South
Phone +92 (21) 5687444
+92 (21) 5687333
Email cplc_s@gerrys.net
Phone +92 (21) 4942222
+92 (21) 4942223
Email cplc_e@gerrys.net
CPLC Malir
Phone +92 (21) 5188888
+92 (21) 5018889
Email cplc_m@gerrys.net
Phone +92 (21) 2562333
+92 (21) 2563333
Email cplc_w@gerrys.net
CPLC Central
Phone +92 (21) 9246168
+92 (21) 9246169
Email cplc_c@gerrys.net